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The way we travel has changed

The future of travel isn’t just changing; it is improving drastically. Scratch off boring hotels and unreliable vacation rentals from your list.

More than ever, a world of affordable, outstanding, and locally authentic travel experiences are at travelers’ fingertips, exposed through platforms such as Airbnb.

We’ve partnered with platforms that have converted the best features of luxury boutique hotels into the newly-emerged short-term rental market.

Our mission is to bring you home away from home.

Every step of the way, our mission is to ensure the wellbeing of our guests and help however possible.

We’ve proactively handcrafted the end-to-end travel experience to infuse it with the warmth, hospitality, friendliness, transparency, and authenticity that our guests deserve.

Our mission is to ensure that the only thing they’ve got to worry about is living each moment and enjoying the local culture to the fullest!


We provide unique & authentic travel experiences

Alkaa partners with property owners throughout the world to source premium properties in the most optimal locations across the region.

These partnerships include local shops, bars, and restaurants, translating to a guest experience that embodies warmth and hospitality, ensuring that travelers will fall in love with their chosen destination and their latest adventure.



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Our rates start as low as $99/night

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Alkaa Guides with local tips

Our guides provide unique local recommendations.

Crisp white sheets + towels

Pristine hotel linens, why settle for anything less?

Your personal concierge

Your stay will truly be unforgettable.

Kitchen essentials

You’ll find your kitchen fully stocked with basic supplies.

Quality toiletries

Shampoo, conditioner & soap.

High-speed Wi-Fi

Don't let your internet connection slow your plans.